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SPECIAL REPORT: Famous Historical Figures Who Utilized Pot

Monday, August 19th, 2019

SPECIAL REPORT: Famous Historical Figures Who Utilized Pot

We now have talked over and over repeatedly on how cannabis had been used many hundreds of years ago. In reality, making use of the plant as being a remedy that is medical been documented throughout history and throughout different cultures across the globe.

Therefore, speaking of history, check out associated with the understood (and speculated) cannabis users in past. For a few of those historic figures, proof of their utilization of the plant for the medicinal and leisure properties has been recorded. Yet for a few, their usage of cannabis stays to be Something and speculation that historians have simply suggested.

Christopher Columbus

Whenever Christopher Columbus set sail for the “” new world “”, it really is thought that he brought cannabis sativa seeds with him. The explorer that is italian thought to have brought cannabis to your Americas in 1492 on a single of his vessels. But why? Some historians declare that Columbus and their crew used weed at sea in order to ease worries that their three vessels might sail the edge off of the whole world. Meanwhile, additionally there are people who declare that he brought the plant because of its medicinal value. (more…)